Hi everyone,

GameDelta is looking for someone to take over Ether Kingdoms, give it all they have, love and cherish the project, making money on it and letting the community of devoted players prosper.

The project was and continues to be an experiment for us and the market in general. For us, it became key because of your participation and support. Thank you for the last three years that you’ve spent with us!

This project gave us back a lot and will give back even more to its new master. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to keep supporting…

Hi guys!

Gamedelta team wishes all players Merry Christmas!

It’s time to go to well-deserved New Year holidays, but it’s not time to sit back and relax!

Follow the news — we are getting ready to release new updates and Ether Kingdoms 2 news next year!

Hello everyone!

Many players asked us how to get last leaderboard’s rewards. All you have to do is to fill the form available via the link below — we will process the entries, check all data and send you the deserved prize!

The form is available here: https://forms.gle/ZaxAkhhYWnsJJcn58

If you have any questions — ask in our Telegram group (@imptoken) and stay tuned!

Hello everyone!

It’s time for the last leaderboard of the summer devoted to our new game — NyanCat.io. Here, you will have a chance to win high rank kitties, as well as a large prize in Waves!

You can get Waves when exchanging your voucher for a cat as follows:

- 1st place will get 100 additional Waves;
- 2nd and 3rd place will get 30 Waves;
- 4th to 10th places will get 5 Waves.

The leaderboard lasts for 10 days and will end on August 31, at 10:00 PM Moscow time (7 PM UTC). Don’t miss your chance to win 100 Waves and an Epic kitty!

Stay tuned and good luck!

Hello everyone!

We are glad to announce the release of beta version of NyanCat: The Crypto Race!

Today you can start to play and win. Moreover, don’t forget about discounts — 50% for all cats is active until 9th of September. Don’t miss the last chance, there will not be such discounts in the future.

Please note, that the release of Waves NFT exchange is delayed, follow the news!


We know that withdrawal is a crucial function, but we didn’t realize it in time. We fill fix it as soon as possible, scheduled date — next Monday, 12th of August.

If you need manual withdrawal — ask our Telegram group’s admin or send an e-mail to support@nyancat.io

Stay tuned!

Hello everyone!

The 75% discount is over!
Hurry up to buy Nyan Cats with 50% discount before it’s too late!

The discount ends on the 9th of September, don’t miss the last chance!

Hi everyone!

New PvP leaderboard is up! Don’t miss the chance to win valuable cats: players who managed to get into top 10 will each get a cat of different ranks — from Uncommon to Epic!

Stay tuned and good luck!

Hi everyone!

We have good news: the 75% discount is prolonged for two days! The offer ends on Wednesday, the 8th of August in.21:00 UTC (00:00 Moscow time).

Hurry up, the amount of Epic and Legendary cats with such discount is limited! Only 10 Epic and 3 Legendary cats are available.

Stay tuned for updates!

Hi everyone!

Ether Kingdoms developers, now also known as game development studio Gamedelta, have an announcement to make.

We are glad to say that our second project, NyanCat: The Crypto Race, is ready to be launched! Next week the beta version of the game will be released, but meanwhile, we would like to invite you to a closed presale with special conditions that will last until the launch of beta-version.

Why is it closed? First of all, it will be announced only on our own media channels and to our players. Second, open presale will offer a discount of 50%…

Hello everyone!

Wonder what Ether Kingdoms team have been doing last two weeks? The answer is in this new special leaderboard!

Here we would like to present you unique artifacts for our new game that we develop at the same time as Ether Kingdoms. We will release detailed information about it by the end of this week.

A little teaser — you can win up to $10,000 per month in our new game’s leaderboards.

Stay tuned!

Ether Kingdoms

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