Binance GameFi Hackathon: IMPs Kingdom Victory!

Rejoice, Kings! We are happy to inform you that our project has been spotted and appreciated at the BSC GameFi Hackathon, and has managed to climb the winners’ podium!

The Binance Smart Chain Gamefi Hackathon was held in late October and early November 2021 and IMPs Kingdom was one of more than 60 participants represented at the Hackathon.

Recognizing IMPs Kingdom as one of the best projects represented at the hackathon is a very important milestone in the development of the project!

First, IMPs Kingdom is now sufficiently high-profile and hopefully will be able to get the support of major foundations to reach its full potential as a popular GameFi x P2E project. Already now we are receiving more and more offers of cooperation.

Secondly, such achievements give the team self-confidence, confirmation that they are heading in the right direction, and a huge rush of energy, so necessary in the process of creating a quality product.

Thirdly, it is certainly a signal to the entire crypto gaming community: IMPs Kingdom is a project worth paying attention to!

Now, more about the hackathon.

The contest was held in two stages.

In the first stage, every fan of this or that project could vote for their favorite participant using BUSD.

As a result, we’ve compiled a leaderboard that looked like this at the end of the public voting phase:

We want to say a big thank you to you, our trusted friends who have supported us since the beginning of work on the rebirth of one of the industry’s first blockchain-based game projects! Only thanks to you we were able to overcome the first stage of the Hackathon!

Of course, we will not limit our gratitude only to you. Everyone who voted for IMPs Kingdom will get a special surprise prize! Once again, thank you!

In the second phase of the hackathon, the leaders of the public vote were allowed to participate, and IMPs Kingdom was one of them.

At this stage, each team was given the opportunity to talk about their project in a live session with the organizers and sponsors of the hackathon.

The presentation of our project can be seen here:

BSC GameFi Hackathon Poject Demo| Art of War, Noft Games, IMPs Kingdom, GanJaSynz, Salsa Valley Game

You all already know that the game will be fundamentally changed, and I think many will be interested to know what will be the features of the new gameplay.

After reviewing all the projects that made it to the second stage, a qualified jury retired to the “meeting room”, where they evaluated each project according to 6 criteria, among which:

The uniqueness of the idea;
The size of the potential audience;
P2E potential;
variety of P2E mechanics;
absence of competitors in the niche/competitiveness of the project.

Our team would like to express special thanks to the organizers, sponsors and media partners of the hackathon:

1inch Network, BitScale Capital, Animoca Brands, Mercuryo, Tiger.Trade, Mission Street Ventures, Future Money Venture, iHodl, BeInCrypto, Hackerlink.

The debates behind closed doors were so heated that the deadline for announcing the winners of the hackathon has moved almost a whole week!

This tells us that all the projects of the second stage were very strong and worthy competitors! And we are all the more pleased to get the silver medal!

If you take a closer look at the Hackathon Final Scores ,you will notice that IMPs Kingdom has got the biggest amount of points in “P2E potential” of all the projects that have passed to the second stage!

Do you like this news? Do you want to be the project with the highest earning potential according to a competent jury?

Welcome to IMPs Kingdom and thanks again for your support!





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