IMPs Kingdom x XP.NETWORK partnership!

We are thrilled to announce IMPs Kingdom and XP.NETWORK partnership!
We believe in the future of multichannel and are confident that the XP.NETWORK team will fundamentally change the world of blockchain.


XP.NETWORK is an ecosystem centered around a multi-chain bridge for minted NFTs. It tears down the barriers between blockchains, allowing NFTs to flow freely across networks. Connecting dApps, token minters, traders, and owners, XP.NETWORK builds the foundations for a single global NFT market.

The XP.NETWORK bridge allows you to transfer to transfer an NFT from one blockchain to another in seconds at a minimal cost. This means wider exposure for NFT creators, better liquidity for asset holders, and increased transaction flow for the bridged blockchains.

The bridge combines high scalability with superior security. It works by creating wrapped NFTs that preserve the original assets’ metadata without duplicating the assets themselves. The original NFTs are safely stored in custody and can be restituted to the holder if needed.

Bridge Architecture

The cross-chain bridge is the key element of the XP.NETWORK ecosystem. It has two key elements: smart contracts and relay validators. Their synergy allows users to send NFTs minted on one chain to any other of the connected chains. For example, an NFT minted on Solana can be sent to Ethereum to be listed on OpenSea, or to a BSC-based marketplace like OpenBiSea, or to Snowflake on Avalanche, and so forth.

The idea is to give users full freedom to dispose of their NFTs and to benefit from the opportunities on different chains. For now these opportunities are mainly limited to selling and storage, but in the near future new applications for NFTs may arise — for example, using them as collateral for loans. Some of these applications may even emerge within the XP.NETWORK ecosystem thanks to the upcoming dApp editor.

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