Imps on Hackathon!

IMPs Kingdom
2 min readOct 28, 2021


Hey Kings! We have great news for you, we are submitting the IMPs Kingdom to Binance Smart Chain Gamefi Hackathon!

Link our project

However, to get things done we need your help.

About hackathon

Binance Smart Chain Gamefi Hackathon is running until the 31st of October and IMPs Kingdom is one of the projects taking place in this event. In this Hackathon, people vote for the project they like the most, and projects with the highest number of votes will receive fundings, to help the development of their project.

Why do we need it

And this is the point, where we are asking for your help. You can vote for the IMPs Kingdom to raise it higher in the list, our goal is at least top-10, so we can get the necessary fundings to run our project. In order to vote for a project, you need to pay 1 BUSD or more, depending on the number of your votes. You can use MetaMask or WalletConnect for this purpose. Everyone who votes for the IMPs Kingdom will be rewarded with great in-game gifts!

What rewards will you get?

Everyone who votes will receive lootboxes with valuable and unique rewards. The more money you pay for a vote, the more unique and valuable your loot will be!

List of rewards you can get in lootboxes:

  • Powerful and unique NFT artifacts;
  • IMP token coins;
  • Rare and strong NFT heroes;
  • Unique in-game title and achievement;
  • Resources.

And last but not least, your reward will also increase with the number of votes for our project, so invite your friends and colleagues! Our goals:

  • 20 votes — x2 lootboxes;
  • 40 votes — lootboxes up to Tier 2;
  • 70 votes — x3 lootboxes;
  • 100 votes — x4 lootboxes;
  • 200 votes — lootboxes up to Tier 3.

Vote for IMPs — get rewards!