What are lootboxes in IMPs Kingdom?

What is a lootbox?

  1. Artifacts — in-game items, that give powerful bonuses to you and your Heroes in the game. Artifacts are not equipped on Heroes, they belong to you and give a bonus to all Heroes under your control;
  2. Equipment pieces — the outfit of the Heroes, thanks to which they will become invincible in battle. Equipment includes: weapons, helmet, armor, greaves, greaves, gloves, rings and necklaces;
  3. Hero Summon Eggs — With the help of a summon egg, you can summon a mighty Hero on your side. His rarity will depend on the rarity of the egg.;
  4. In-game resources — thanks to resources you will be able to create and improve equipment, buy various items, upgrade your castles and trade with other players;
  1. If your lootbox has a guaranteed giveaway — you will be given these items of appropriate rarity.
  2. From each lootbox can fall out different number of game objects. It depends on the rarity of the objects that have already been given to you.
  3. When generating an object, you first determine the type of object that you will get: Artifact, equipment, summoning egg, resource.
  • Primordial Heroes. The Heroes you receive from the eggs are called Primordial Heroes. Few in the Imp world would dare challenge them, as primordiality gives your Heroes enhanced characteristics!
  • Primordial Artifacts. Artifacts that once belonged to the kings of antiquity can now be in your hands! Primordial artifacts increase the characteristics of your Heroes, making them an extremely formidable weapon in your hands.
  • Native Equipment. Equipment forged long ago by legendary masters. Native gear is unbreakable when sharpened, allowing you to unleash its true potential and give incredible power to your Heroes!



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